The Quest to Provide Enough PPE


This is a group of makers using 3D printers to produce PPE for medical professionals and others in Carroll County, MD. Once we have filled Carroll County requests, we will expand into other areas of need. WE NEED YOU. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE WAYS TO HELP!


USE PPE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are volunteers trying to help, and we assume no liability for failure of this PPE to protect the wearer or anyone else from infection OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF HARM.


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I want to help!

I want to help!

Whether you have a 3D printer to help us Make More PPE, or whether you want to help us get it to the amazing people who need it, YOU CAN HELP! Just send us a quick email telling us what you’d like to do with us. Please include “Logistics” or “I can make PPE” in the subject line.

I can help with logisticsI can make PPE

Already on our team?

Use these links to report printed PPE ready for assembly and/or distribution, or tell us if you are running low on supplies. We will direct donated supplies to you to keep you making more PPE. Please include “I made more PPE” or “I need more supplies” in the subject line.

I made more PPE!I need more supplies!
Already on our team?

Donate to help keep this going!

We very much appreciate all the past donations and we’ll be grateful for all the future donations that come our group’s way.  Your kind donations are truly helping to save lives!

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Submit feedback if you've already used PPE from us!

We welcome all feedback, good or bad, as our entire goal is to do our best to help protect people from the Coronavirus better than the other options they may (or may not) have!

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